Best LuLuLun Mask 2017

Best LuLuLun Mask 2017

Lululun MasksThe LuLuLun mask main concept is to be affordable and high Japanese quality for daily use.

The LuLuLun facial mask has been featured in several beauty magazines in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, making it very popular in a matter of days.

The packs include multiple masks, normally 32 sheets for one month face care. Among the many types of masks for different skin kinds or issues, I recommend the pink one which is the balance moisture and the original LuLuLun one.

Blue, Pink, White and Precious

There are different types of LuLuLun masks, Moist (pink), High Moisture (Blue), and Translucent Light (White).  All three are known for containing ingredients that reduce the production of melanin in the skin and to calm it. They also are very good for sensitive skins, as they are fragrance free, color free, and mineral oil free!

Blue LuLuLun Mask

Lululun mask

The Blue LuLuLun Mask is for High or Rich Moisture mask. The main point of this mask is to moisturize your face. It improves skin firmness and elasticity.



Pink LuLuLun Mask

Lululun Mask Pink

The Pink LuLuLun Mask is for Balance Moisture or Regular Type face mask. This one keeps your skin smooth and moist all year round. Emphasizing the daily use aspect of the brand, the pink one is the most “basic” type of mask you could go for.



White or Silver LuLuLun Mask

Lululun Mask White

The White or Silver LuLuLun Mask is for Brightening or Fresh Clear mask. Brightening is the key feature in this type of mask. It improves skin roughness and smooths out skin texture.


Precious LuLuLun Mask

Lululun Mask Precious

The Precious LuLuLun Mask for Anti-Aging, basically for those who are older than 40 and want to combat the signs of aging skin.




Main ingredients of LuLuLun Masks

• Hyaluronic acid: High-quality moisturizing.
• EGF: Promotes turnover of skin cells.
• Arupuchin: Suppresses melanin production to promote glowing, bright skin.
• Papain: Disassemble the sebum,remove blackheads and corneum.
• Soybean extract: Gently soothe troubled skin.
• Polyglutamic acid: Nine times more moisturising than hyaluronic acid.
• Lecithin: Support the penetration of the above ingredients.

How to use the LuLuLun Masks

• Apply the mask after cleansing the face
• Leave it for 10-15 minutes
• Remove the mask and gently massage the skin to make it absorb the remaining essence

LuLuLun Mask Youtube Review from sasakiasahi

LuLuLun Masks Price

The LuLuLun Masks price is around $0,80 US Dollars per mask. They come in a package of 32 sheets.

Where to buy the LuLuLun Masks?

We recommend to buy the LuLuLun mask on Amazon.